Welcome to the Studle Foundation

At the Studle Foundation, we are dedicated to making a significant impact in our community. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support through initiatives like the Autism Spectrum Drive and the ‘A Simple Discussion’ podcast. Join us in fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Help Us Make A Difference

Updating the Kelly Autism Program Sensory Room

Our 2024 goal is to upgrade the sensory room at the Kelly Autism Program. These enhancements will provide better tools and technologies to help individuals with ASD manage sensory challenges effectively. Your support makes this possible.

For children with ASD, sensory rooms are essential for their development, offering a safe haven where they can explore their sensory skills, reduce anxiety, and improve focus away from the sensory overload of the outside world. 

Providing Financial Empowerment & Support

Founded in 2024, the Studle Foundation was born out of a commitment to give back to our community. We believe in the power of collective action and strive to address the unique needs of our region through various initiatives.

Our Projects

A Simple Discussion

Empowering Voices from the Autism Spectrum

“A Simple Discussion” is a groundbreaking podcast that brings to light the diverse experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum. Through candid conversations hosted by those living with autism, we delve into the challenges, triumphs, and the unique perspectives that define the autism community. Join us as we explore the nuances of ASD, aiming to educate, connect, and advocate for a more inclusive world.

June 3rd, 2024
Indian Hills Country Club

Swing with Purpose: Golfing for Autism Awareness and Inclusion


The Autism Spectrum Drive is an annual charity golf scramble supporting the Kelly Autism Program. This year, all proceeds will fund the upgrade of the sensory room, a vital space for individuals with ASD to safely explore and interact with their environment.

Money Talks

Empowering Women Through Financial Knowledge

The Studle Foundation is proud to announce the upcoming “Money Talks” program, designed to empower women with financial literacy and independence. This series will cover essential topics such as budgeting, investing, and retirement planning, aiming to equip women with the knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions. Our goal is to foster a community where women feel supported and empowered to take control of their financial futures. Stay tuned for more details on program dates and registration information.

Future Funds

Financial Empowerment in Schools

The Studle Foundation is committed to fostering financial literacy from an early age. Our new initiative brings comprehensive financial education programs into local schools, tailored for different grade levels. Students will learn essential skills such as budgeting, saving, and understanding credit, preparing them for a financially responsible future. By empowering the next generation with the tools and knowledge they need, we aim to build a community of informed, confident individuals ready to navigate their financial journeys. More details coming soon.